sports analysis-About abs workout

People want to make abs in the summer regardless of gender.

Summer can be seen as an easy means to show your body to others.Because I want to show that my body is good or to play in a swimming pool or beach.

It is true that people who have abs are very interested in abs because they can tell that they worked out hard.
Therefore, I would like to introduce ab exercises

The easiest way to make abs is to cut the body fat on your abs with anaerobic and aerobic exercises.
It looks simple just by looking at the text, but this process will be very difficult and painful.

It may be efficient to do abdominal exercises using weight, but it is recommended to perform abdominal exercises using weight first because basic strength is required to withstand the weight.

Examples include crunch, sit-up, and plank. Crunch is an exercise that trains the upper part of your abs.It’s a similar move to sit-up, but the difference is that the waist doesn’t fall off the floor.If your shoulders are more than 10 centimeters away from the floor and you think you’re seeing your belly button, your abs will be energized.The number of times is performed about 10 times slowly, and I think about 4 sets is appropriate.

Sit-up is well known to many people.Even if you’re not a sports enthusiast, 8 out of 10 people know and know how to do it.However, I would not have known the sit-up.Sit-up is effective in itself, so in addition to abs, it will improve the whole body, including the waist.In fact, people who have done sit-ups will feel their body strength in addition to their abs.It can be seen as a very good core exercise.Likewise, five sets of 15 times will have an effect.

The plank movement is important to flatten the posture.The posture may seem very easy, but I think it’s amazing to hold out for 30 seconds.It will help increase core strength if you start with 3 sets and increase it with 70 percent of the time you can withstand at maximum.

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