sports analysis-Exercise required for lower body obesity

If you don’t stretch and exercise, there is a high probability of obesity.
Among them, lower body obesity can easily come to office workers because if you sit for a long time, your lower body muscles weaken and fat accumulates.

Therefore, it is also a good idea to get up and relax your muscles once every 40 minutes.
Also, it is good to have a habit of drinking water frequently because lack of moisture slows the rate of burning fat using glycogen.

Squat and lunge are typical exercises that are good for lower body obesity.
Squats build up muscles by burning fat in the lower body.
It can also be hip-up and have the effect of thinning your legs.
Lunge is an exercise that can burn fat in the lower body, train muscles, and train the waist core just like squats.

The advantage of squats and lunges is that they can be done with home training, but there is a disadvantage that there is a high risk of injury if they are not in the right posture.


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