sports analysis-Exercise required for upper body obesity

Upper body obesity is literally a lot of weight on the upper body.
However, upper body obesity may not have seen a lot of people in real life, because it is often affected by gravity, so upper body obesity is rarely seen.

Since it is a special case, you will have to go to the hospital for treatment because you think there is a hormone problem.
As you know, getting treatment at a hospital doesn’t make you feel better.
In order to live a healthy life, exercise is a must, not an option.

For upper body obesity, weight training is also important, but more importantly, eating habits and calorie control are important.
As a dietary habit, you should refrain from eating white rice and keep a calorie diary to control calories.
The calories must be filled with protein and it is good to drink lots of water.

It is also effective to lose weight on the upper body by exercising muscle strength three days a week.
If the upper body gains more weight than the lower body, the knee joint can be weakened and can cause adult diseases.
Therefore, it may be helpful to proceed with lower body exercise at the same time.

I’ve talked about upper body obesity because I don’t want everyone to be obese even if they don’t have a perfect body, and I hope it helps.

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