sports analysis-The effect of squats

Squat refers to the movement of sitting and standing up. If you think about it, it can be said to be a simple act.However, since people’s body types are different, it is a more difficult move than expected because they have to adjust their posture according to the angle of the waist and knee.There are too many types of squats, such as high bar squats, low bar squats, front squats, etc, but it’s not something we know and what I’m going to explain is the effectiveness of squats.There are so many effects of squats, but I will introduce three representative things.
1. Improving core strength
It uses the lower body, but it is effective in strengthening the core by using a lot of other muscles.I want you to know that if you have a good core, it can help you with other exercises.
2. Strengthening lower body muscle strength
Since the lower body is used as the main body, it is excellent for strengthening lower body muscle strength.It is an unchanged fact that it is helpful regardless of the sport of exercise, as well as walking in daily life, strengthening hip, thigh, and calf muscles.
3. Help with weight loss
It is a good exercise to reduce body fat and increase muscles because it uses a lot of muscles.There are many good lower body exercises, but studies have shown that there is no exercise that uses more muscles than squats, which can also help you lose weight.

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