sports analysis-The physical effects of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is an exercise that burns fat using oxygen as an energy source, and typically includes jogging, swimming, and cycling.

Everyone lives with worries, but the biggest health concern will be dieting.

So if the weather is nice, I go out jogging or riding a bicycle, and do aerobic exercise for the purpose of losing weight.

The most important thing here is to use various energy sources in the body until 30 minutes after exercise, but after 30 minutes, fat is used as an energy source, so it is effective in losing weight.

The best advantages of aerobic exercise are to reduce body fat, improve physical strength, and improve respiratory function.

When you are young, you are full of physical strength and energy even if you don’t exercise separately, but as you get older, exercise can lead to a necessity, not a choice.
Please note that aerobic exercise can improve your physical strength and help you lose weight.

In future articles, I will introduce exercises that can be helpful for each type of person.




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