sports analysis-The physical effects of anaerobic exercise

This article is a physical effect of anaerobic exercising.

The effects of exercise include muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, increased basal metabolism, and increased bone density.

Exercise can increase muscle strength and muscle endurance, reduce physical fatigue, increase muscle size, and increase confidence.

Stretching and exercising before exercising improves flexibility, and if flexibility improves, agility improves even when doing other exercises. If you think about why quickness improves, you will feel it when you do flexibility exercises.

It also increases bone density and is effective in preventing osteoporosis.

The energy required to live is the basic metabolic rate, which can be expected to have a great effect on reducing body fat if it a great effect on reducing body fat.

I briefly summarized the physical effects of exercising. In the next article, I will write about the physical effects of aerobic exercise.



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