sports analysis-Water intake

Did you know that exercise is one of the causes of body water loss?
70% of the body consists of water.
Exercise can cause you to sweat, which can disrupt your body’s water balance.
Lack of moisture can increase body temperature, reduce body function, and prevent muscles from functioning properly.
In fact, water intake is very important not only when exercising but also on a daily basis.
Based on exercise, it is recommended to replenish moisture before exercise and to fill moisture lost by sweat during exercise, and to keep moisture and maintain balance after exercise.
Lack of water causes some abnormalities in the body.
1. Muscle cramps
Blood vessels in the body supply blood through blood vessels, but if water is insufficient, such action does not occur and convulsions can occur.
2. I’m getting tired
It was explained that 70% of the body is made up of water, and if the moisture is insufficient, the fatigue of the body accumulates, which can lead to chronic fatigue in the future.
3. thirst
One of the dehydrations is thirst, which is a condition that tells you that you are most deficient in water, and in this case, you should drink a lot of water in a serious condition.
On the contrary, I will also introduce the benefits of drinking water well.
1. Body temperature control
Our body controls the body’s heat through sweat, but if water is insufficient, body temperature cannot be controlled, which can lead to heatstroke at high temperatures.
2. Toxin removal
Foreign substances such as waste accumulate in our bodies.These unnecessary elements should be discharged, and drinking a lot of water also helps discharge.
3. Physical recovery
Exercise can damage muscles and cause inflammation, but good water intake relieves these things and helps restore physical function.So it can also increase the speed of recovery.

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