sports analysis-What is home training?

Home training is to exercise at home without tools without going to the gym.

It has the advantage of not spending money and time. Push-ups, squats, and crunches are called representative bare-body exercises and are suitable for home training.

At one time, when many gyms were closed due to COVID-19, people exercised a lot at home and many people are still doing home training. However, in order to achieve efficient muscle growth, it is appropriate to hit the muscles with high-weight exercise.

Therefore, it is not as heavy as the weight at the gym with home training equipment, but it is selling a lot enough to hurt muscles to some extent.

I think home training is good if you want to exercise just for health care.

If you do push-ups slowly, you will feel that it is as hard as lifting weight. There are too many ways to exercise on YouTube or the Internet, and some people actually get better quickly through home training.

For beginners who are new to sports or women who want to manage them, home training will be effective in a short period of time, and if you have adjusted to some extent, it is recommended to go to the gym and exercise.

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